The teachers at BNSA understand that the toddler years are full of fun, in which your child will learn about their world through exploration. Our teachers will promote this sense of exploration through a variety of planned activities and learning centers. The activities and learning centers will focus on their intellectual, physical, social and emotional development. Language, math, science, and writing skills will be explored during activities and center time. Growth in physical development will be focused on through music and movement activities. We will foster independence by teaching your toddler about healthy habits and personal hygiene skills. Our teachers use the Baby Sign Language Program to help your toddler communicate their feelings and needs. We will provide you daily reports as well as monthly newsletters as to what is happening in the classroom. Change to Our teachers will provide you with a daily report and pictures throughout the day using Tadpoles. You will also receive a monthly calendar of events and a newsletter to keep up with all that is going in the class.

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