Older Toddlers

There are so many changes that take place during the toddler stage, which is why at BNSA we feel it is important to separate the older toddlers to provide them with a different set of challenges and experiences.  In our older toddler program the children are encouraged to increase their level of independence and self-help skills.  The learning centers will provide a variety of toys, objects and activities for valuable experiences in all developmental areas.  Your toddler will increase their exposure to activities to develop writing skills and will begin to experiment with scissors to develop cutting skills.  Music and movement activities are used daily for physical activity and cognitive development.  The teachers will work with the families to successfully toilet train your child while in this program.  The Baby Sign Language is still used to assist with communication in this class.  Your child’s progress is monitored by using a developmental assessment and conferences are offered regularly.  You will also receive a daily report to inform you on your child’s daily activities and if any supplies are needed.  The teacher also sends home a monthly newsletter and calendar of activities.

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